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Great Beef, Wonderful People

Posted: August 19, 2012 By BrendaPalmer Category(s): Ranch Life

OK folks, I have a confession. When we hung out our sign and opened what surely must be the smallest store around, I certainly hoped we would have customers who would see our sign and come to our ranch. I was even pretty confident, but you never really know for sure until you give it a try. So we did and you have - thank you! We've met some wonderful people from literally all over the world; Australia, Canada, Wales, Spain, Poland, Oklahoma, Montana, Colorado, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, California, Oregon and of course, Washington. It has been such fun to meet and get to know our new customers and to share information with them about our delicious and healthy grass fed beef. We hope they have appreciated getting to know where and who their meat comes from and how it is raised.

Grizzly and Molly our ranch dogs are pretty much convinced that everyone who has stopped by is here to see them. They have held up their end of the bargain by greeting each and every one of our customers personally. Grizzly (on the left) is a full blooded  Australian Cattle Dog aka as Blue Heeler aka Queensland Heeler. Molly is 3/4 Heeler and 1/4 black lab. They are the ranch guardians and they take their job very seriously. 

The plan for our little store is to stay open until Labor Day - Sept. 3rd - if we have enough beef. Our grass fed beef is selling very quickly and we are almost completely sold out of all our steaks, we still have plenty of ground beef, roasts, ribs, organ meats and soup bones. After Labor Day we will close our store for the season. We have plans to move into a bigger, better building for next summer where we can serve our customers better. Memorial Day weekend is our target opening date for next season.  

If your plans for the rest of the summer bring you to the North Cascades, stop by the ranch and see us. If not, you can get our wonderful meat here on our website. We are currently sold out of most of our packages, but we will have more available after our Fall Harvest - approximately the first week of November.  You can place a deposit in the Marketplace here so you won't miss out on our meat. Of course, if you don't visit the ranch you won't get the personal greeting by Molly and Grizzly, but you will still get excellent beef.

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