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Our NEW Store is Open!

Posted: May 26, 2013 By BrendaPalmer Category(s): Ranch Life
The new store building completed.

Our NEW Ranch Store is open! We are so excited to have a great new facility to serve our customers. After our "experimental" store last year - which was a great success thanks to our very patient customers - we knew we needed a real store. So, we spent the winter converting our gazebo into a lovely, spacious store. We were able to salvage the old beams which lend character and the smokestack became a very cool skylight.

It has been a long, difficult process in the rain and cold weather, but the guys have perservered and it turned out great. They were able to save the old beams and they look so rustic. I love old buildings! The chimney vent became a new skylight. You can see the highlights of the building process in the pictures below. If you want to see more detail about the construction of the store you can check out our "Friends & Family Blog" here and here which has lots more pictures and info.  

The other big news around here is the truck accident and collapse of the I-5 bridge over the Skagit River. I had just driven over that bridge about a half hour before the accident and am so thankful no one was seriously hurt. The bridge will be out of service for weeks until they get the temporary bridge in place. Good news though! If you are planning to visit the beautiful North Cascades this summer, there is a "back way" which is actually shorter than coming all the way up I-5 to Hwy. 20 / North Cascades Highway. From Seattle you head north on I-5 and take exit 208; then follow Hwy 530 through Arlington and Darrington and join back up with Hwy 20 at Rockport, just 9 miles below our ranch. On Hwy 20 you head east to Marblemount - be sure to come and see us! - and you can continue on to the Park, the campgrounds and on over the pass to Winthrop and the east side. It is a beautiful drive and you will avoid the I-5 detour and traffic in Burlington / Mount Vernon. Now you know!

It promises to be an exciting summer here at American Alps Ranch. We hope you can come up for a visit!

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