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Snow on the Ranch

Posted: January 02, 2017 By BrendaPalmer Category(s): Ranch Life
The upper pasture in snow.

Fresh snow is a beautiful sight. Working in fresh snow - not so much. Especially if you are raising cattle. The cattle have to be fed, watered and bedded no matter what day it is or what the weather might be. Cold, snow, ice - the animals have to be cared for. The winter so far has been cold and wet and now snow. We got about 10 inches of fresh powder New Year's Eve to add to the 8 - 10 inches already on the ground. 

Cows eating hay while Alex cleans their shed.  

We feed our grass fed, grass finished beef cattle nothing but our nutritious locally-grown hay in the winter. The cattle also have free choice minerals to supplement their diet. 


Rick is carrying a bag of shavings to put down as bedding in the cow shed. 

Some of the hay is baled in square bales and some are the very large (a thousand pounds each) round bales wrapped in plastic. We feed those bales in the round feeder. 

Alex is pulling the hay to the edges of the feeder so the calves can eat. 

The snow is definitely a challenge for us, but the cattle don't seem to mind at all, as long as they are well fed and have a dry shed. 

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