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Spokane Fair and Lowline Cattle Show

Posted: September 12, 2011 By BrendaPalmer Category(s): Industry News
Spokane Fair - Lowline Cattle Show

We have just returned from a trip to the Spokane Fair and Lowline Cattle Show there. We helped out with the Lowline Angus Show put on by the Northwest Lowline Association.  The NWLA has members from all over the Pacific Northwest; Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, Canada.  It was fun to visit with our fellow members and see the judging and show. Since we didn't take our animals to the show, I got to spend a little time visiting with the judge.  He's the guy in the white hat below and guess what?  He's an Aggie (that means he graduated from Texas A & M for those of you who don't speak the lingo).  Like all good Aggies he had on his ring  and we discussed our mutual connection to A & M and College Station, Texas.  He was a good judge too and did a nice job with the people and the cattle.

Rick and I both raised and showed 4-H animals at our local fair when we were young.  It was a fun thing to do, but neither of us is really interested in showing our animals again; we are concentrating on raising our Lowlines for delicious grass-fed beef. 


These two young ladies were very excited to show their cattle.  They were the youngest participants in the show - and they had a great time. I always had on my 4-H uniform when I showed; I never got to wear a sparkly shirt.  Maybe I should re-think my decision not to show cattle anymore if it means I could wear a sparkly shirt?  The two sparkly princesses showed in group classes with their dads. It was nice to see the dads and their daughters in the same show ring.  The girls also entered the showmanship class which they took very seriously.  It was fun to watch them and they did a great job.

Our friends from Muddy Creek Ranch were at the show and their cattle did really well in the competition.  These three of their animals were awarded Grand Champion Cow, Grand Champion Female and Grand Champion Bull. The heifer in the middle, MCR Crazy Sage, was also crowned Supreme Champion Lowline Percentage Exhibit of the fair. 

Congratulations to them and good for us as our cattle have some of the same genetics as the ones that won the compitition.  The Grand Champion Bull, MCR Out of Your Mind, is a 3/4 brother to our herd bull who we call Ox.  It is nice to know we have really solid breeding in our cattle as we continue to build our herd.   It was good to see our friends, conduct the business of the Lowline Association, and continue to promote our wonderful breed of Lowline Angus.  

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