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The Journey So Far

Posted: October 08, 2011 By BrendaPalmer Category(s): Ranch LifeIndustry News
The Journey so far

Well folks, it's been a long journey but at last we have our Grass Fed Beef website up and running - an exciting day at the ranch! The seeds of this adventure were sown long ago.  You can read more about Where It All Began here.  A little boy, a heifer named Georgeanna  . . . and we ended up here.

When we ditched our desk jobs and moved to the country in "the middle of nowhere" a little over three years ago we knew we had a challenge ahead of us.  No matter how much research and planning you do it seems the reality of a situation is different than you thought.  I don't know if we fully realized what a long, hard process it would be to build a cattle ranch from scratch. But it has also been an incredible adventure and we are so thankful to have this opportunity. You don't always have the chance to do what you want in a place that you love.  We have sometimes  - actually often - had sore backs, scrapes and bruises and we now have a whole new appreciation for the job of building fences, but we wouldn't trade places with anyone.  

You don't make a successful transformation like this alone, and we have had a lot of help.  We have met some incredible people who have been so generous in sharing their expertise with us, and they have also become our friends. 

Some of those people are cattlemen with years, and years of experience and immense knowledge of cattle and the beef cattle industry and they have been very welcoming to us new folks and patient with our never-ending questions.  We've spent days following them around their ranches and learned so much it made my head hurt. David and Karen at Muddy Creek Ranch have probably forgotten more about cattle than most people will ever know.   

We have also had the good fortune to work with our excellent web designer Julie Webb.  I must confess when we had the brilliant idea to offer our grass fed beef on a website I had absolutely no idea what building one entailed. A patient professional has been very generous in teaching and explaining things to us website rookies.

This website and grass fed beef sales is a huge milestone for us and our ranch, but we have so much more planned!  We are continuing to expand our herd and really look forward to having all our own home-grown calves.  We would like to have a place for visitors here at the ranch and maybe offer tours on a sunny summer weekend. We'd love to offer tastings and education about the benefits of grass fed beef.  So many exciting possibilities!

We invite you to take a look around the website and let us know what you think - we'd love to hear from you.  

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