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Where It All Began

Posted: July 19, 2011 By BrendaPalmer Category(s): Ranch Life
Rick and Georganna

I can't tell you how many people have asked "Why did you decide to quit your desk job and raise grass fed beef?"  Maybe this will help you understand.  

A long time ago there was a boy who lived out in the country.  His grandparents had a cattle ranch and every summer he would visit and help his Grandpa with the chores around the ranch.  His favorite thing to do was to help his Grandpa feed the cows.  When he was eight years old, this boy joined his local 4-H club and after a raising a pig and lamb, showing and selling them at the county fair, he decided a dairy heifer was the animal for him.  He bought a day-old heifer calf from a local dairy and raised her on a bottle - essentially becoming her surrogate Mama.  He named his cute little Holstein calf Georgeanna, after his cousin. 

This boy also rode a motorcycle as most country boys his age did.  Unfortunately he had a little  mishap on his motorcycle and ended up with a broken collar bone.  He wore a sling around for months while it healed.  Meanwhile, Georgeanna still had to eat, so he learned to feed her with his left hand.  The boy and the little heifer became so close that she followed him around like puppy with no rope, halter or retstraint of any kind needed.  When he walked over to the neighbor's house to visit his friends, Georgeanna went too.  

Eventually, the broken bone healed and Georgeanna grew up.  After three years, the now older boy showed her at the country fair and then she was sold to a small local dairy farmer down the road where Georgeanna gave birth to her first calf.  Every now and then the boy would ride his motorcycle over to the dairy and park at the edge of the fence near the dairy herd. He would call her and when Georgeanna heard his voice she would separate from the other cows and come running over to visit her old friend. The two of them would spend some time together and the boy would feed her the treats he brought.

As boys do, our boy grew up and became an adult who needed to support his wife and family.  He ended up spending most of his time working on a computer at a desk job he never really wanted, though he was good at it.

Even though he was stuck inside behind a desk for years, he never forgot the time he spent with Georgeanna and his other 4-H animals or with his Grandpa on the ranch and he dreamed of that lifestyle.  After he had worked successfully at his desk job for many years, he had a chance to make a change in his life.  So he ditched his desk, bought some land and decided to raise cattle again.  He found that he enjoyed raising calves and living in the country as much as he remembered from long ago.  Now he and his wife raise grass fed Angus beef instead of dairy heifers on their ranch.  They enjoy the quiet serenity, beautiful scenery and working with the animals.  And, as Paul Harvey used to say "Now you know the rest of the story."

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  1. Denny Jones's avatar Denny Jones

    What a great story ,That toothy grin looks familiar could it be little Ricky? So far it looks pretty good your first two paragraphs on delivery seem to repeat themselves I’ll read more later I have to do some work stuff now. Denny

  2. BrendaPalmer's avatar BrendaPalmer

    Thanks Denny!  Yes, that is our same little Ricky.

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