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You Missed a Spot

Posted: June 30, 2011 By BrendaPalmer Category(s): Ranch Life

Cattle are funny creatures.  Though they are herd animals, they each have their own unique personalities and quirks.  Some are leaders and others are followers.  There are bullies and clowns, just like you remember from Jr. High.  Most of them are friendly and love treats; alfalfa cubes are to them what chocolate is to me.  A few are nervous Nellie types who don't want any sudden movements.  I confess I enjoy watching our cattle - they can be pretty entertaining.  The ones I most enjoy watching are the nurturers, and there seems to be one in every group.  The one who waits for the others to go first, cleans up when they are done and generally looks after everyone else.  We have one of those this year. 

Actually two steers who take turns licking and nuzzling each other. Two buddies taking care of each other.  Of course, usually after they lick and nuzzle they decide to butt heads, roughhouse and romp around.  Apparently that behavior applies to boys of any species.  Some of the steers have actually lost their eartags because they spend so much time butting heads and playing.  Boys. I'm glad they enjoy their life here on our ranch, and honestly what's not to like? 

They live in a beautiful mountain pasture nestled next to a river.  They have all the grass they can eat and drink our pure mountain water and breath the fresh air. They have companions to play with.  And we don't do any of the bad things for or to them that they would in a feed lot if our cattle were being raised for the grocery store meat shelf.  No steroids, hormones, antibiotics or grains that make them sick.  It is a pretty good life for the cattle here at the ranch.  And we wouldn't have it any other way.  


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